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Bridal that day flow (candle power is bridal)
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Bridal that day flow (candle power is bridal)

1, time: 17:00-18:00
Place: Before hotel door
Join staff: Bridegroom, bride reachs all guest
New personality welcomes guest before hotel door, guest sign in and with new personality group photo. The electronic album of romantic composition and new personality is broadcasted inside the hall.

Time: 18:00- - 18:35
Place: Inside the hotel
Join staff: Bridegroom, bride reachs all guest, emcee

18:00——18:02 announce wedding begins, ask new personality to enter;

18:02——18:06 broadcast " wedding march " (or band is performed) , lamplight goes out, the lamp that chase after light follows new personality, new personality slowly move toward arena from the doorway, floret child is in front clear the way, brandish is aspersing rose valve, for new personality the shop leaves the way of happy rose love; New personality illumes the candle on every pieces of table, go to arena finally, illume the candle on arena, lamp brightness rises.

18:06——18:11 introduction new personality, new personality is sent acknowledge word;

18:11——18:15 introductions guest reachs chief witness at a wedding ceremony, chief witness at a wedding ceremony makes a speech;

18:15——18:20 bilateral parents appear on the stage, the parent represents a speech, new personality offers tea;

18:20——18:25 bridegroom, bride exchanges wedding ring (right now, can smash the air ball that hanging, medicinal powder next writing the card that has a blessing, indicative happiness falls from the day) ;

18:25——18:30 new personality exchange keepsake, open champagne, drink make a cup of wine;

18:30——18:35 emcee ask the unmarried friend of new personality to come round to the stage, the bride casts ball-flower;

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