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Additional the wedding on the water of kind of gens
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Sailors separate an either side, new people by gangway ladder slowly be on board, those who greet is the blessing with countless colored ribbon and true people. Station fore, let sea wind blow white marriage gauze. Emcee is wearing captain uniform, chair wedding for you. Water day in all ancient bronze mirror, let this momently melt into is lasting.

Stand at bow, embracing, pat a piece to illuminate, is the elephant overcome unlike Ruth He Jie? Below blue sky, on blue waves, a buffet is held to meet on board, new people is common flood champagne tower. Come, honored guests are lifted cup, wish newlywed is everlasting!

At nightfall, ball of an open air is held on the tremendous afterdeck of lights brightly lit, accompanying sea wind to have dance lightly.

Curtain of night is dark, leave guest, new personality enters honeymoon cabin room, happy life from begin tonight. Surfy light light rap is worn hull, also be being resembled is to be in bless for them.

Referenced: After the Zhu Yuanzhang of bridal emperor of found a state of origin Ming Dynasty on water defeats adversary Chen Youliang, will wait for Chen Youliang and its ministry 9 surnames banish to arrive in Xin Anjiang then, set: 9 surnames must not to disembark live, forbid to read should try, must not go up with the bank person intermarriage. Come hundreds years, old, money, forest, Yuan, grandson, leaf, why, plum, Xu Jiu surnames float home to go boating, make a living in order to fish, formed individual way of life. And the wedding on the water that throws bridal ” with “ especially is most novel strange interest. The wedding on water has a whole program:

Receive close, denounce happy event, say dotal, cast a bride, do obeisance to heaven and earth, and colour, wait into bridal chamber. New bridal be in harmony views and admire a gender on the water that roll out, participate in gender, performance sex, amusement at an organic whole, have full-bodied local folk-custom distinguishing feature, suffer especially outside the condition the tourist's welcome.

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