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Crew of ship of division take an examination ofing holds the wedding on vaster n
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This morning 10 when, the wedding on a vaster network will be mixed in Pacific Ocean respectively Qingdao two ground, cross the sea to hold through the network. To receive this one romance, happy and grave hour, yesterday, 10 thousand lis accurate bridegroom bride is remoteness separately wedding prepares nervously. Today, this invites the netizen of the whole world to make the witness of marriage of this romantic net to new personality.

Equipment wedding bride is busy happy

“ still has 10 many hours to be about to wrap around marriage gauze. ” yesterday, xu Rongrong is below the help of her classmate, friend, preparing wedding nervously, program discharges completely: Take marriage gauze to marriage gauze house in the morning, send invitation to leader, colleague, classmate, good friend midday, arrive afternoon marriage celebrate a company to knock be engaged car, things of banquet of will of all kinds marriage sends to the hotel, the ……“ of a lot of matters concerned that coordinates marriage dinner scene with hotel clerk does not have teem sky one day to follow Ren Jinmao today each other sends mail, prepare the bridal site here in busy move all the time, quite tired, but very excited also, be full of expect ……”

Protect direct seeding broadband to enter a public house yesterday

Compare with common and bridal photograph, the link with vaster network the most crucial marriage is a network expedite, the bridegroom that assures to be in Pacific Ocean to go up personally and the netizen that are in each district in the bride of Qingdao and body can fluent communication. For this, qingdao net connects technical personnel to came late greatly yesterday on a special trip hotel, had installed the ADSL reticle of 6 million, the staff member of Qingdao news network also was taking computer and camera to debug yesterday, make sure the picture that day uploads wedding to interact to be operated smoothly with video jointly. Yesterday, in column of ” of collaboration of media of “ of center of sina website news, had hanged network of “ Qingdao news to hold the link of network wedding ” .

With attention much home media makes testimony

We receive “ the telephone call that media of a lot of other places makes, express to will want to come tomorrow Qingdao spot interviews vaster network marriage. The staff member tells network of ” Qingdao news the reporter, after the media of much home other place such as Heilongjiang TV station sees from Qingdao news network morning paper concerns the report of vaster network marriage, hit a phone to enquire this matter in succession, want the site, with

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