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Olympic Games year recreation encircles 10 big marriage
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The word says 2008 is a Chinese the hundred years a particular year that will hold the Olympic Games first, a lot of new personality also are driving this upsurge to married 2008, will 2008 became to marry really year. And this upsurge also affected recreational group it seems that, there are many actors to build the mad tide that got on this to marry first half of the year this year only.

Liu Tao

A of Liu Tao royal wedding, marry for the “ of 2008 hot ” pulled open heavy curtain. 8 years on January 6, liu Tao finished his wedding in Beijing, at the same time she also announces to exit recreational group from now on. Bridal spot still broadcasted Liu Tao to be made up oneself guide oneself the MV that acts oneself, affection comes in, be deeply moved. Sea of the Qin Dynasty of a matron of honour jades more cried lachrymal person. Hu Jun of the good friend in the circle, Lin Xinru, Shao Bing, Li Xinjie serve a blessing for Liu Tao in succession.

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