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Spot of wedding of class of explore of Wang Zhiwen marriage
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Late on April 1, wang Zhiwen will carry a bride Chen Jian is red appear in Pudong big public house of intercontinental of official of soup of bright and beautiful river the doorway of 2 Lou Shangchen hall, 400 guest of congratulate come before receiving. Differ with the wedding of Everyman, wang Zhiwen's couple will not be in the entry point of banqueting hall to welcome guest directly, can remove stand of on one piece of sign in however, every guest must be entered by happy post inside. Marriage banquet will set 50 tables, feast costs estimation to be controlled in 200 thousand yuan.

Next marriage banquets are ordered before a month

Hold the place of marriage banquet to opinions vary all the time about Wang Zhiwen, the reporter understands, wang Zhiwen is to be in what calm banquet just is knocked this year after the festival of lanterns. Because press convention, marriage banquet is booked arrange one year ahead of schedule at least, hotel side also is after be coordinated with all possible means ability is Wang Zhiwen eduction schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater.

The soup official office of make choice of of place of king sign language is this hotel the most commonly used will undertake the hall of marriage banquet, can hold 500 much people, and attend the number when banquet of marry at a mature age to will be controlled in 400 people. Marriage banquet will set 50 tables, dish is tasted add a service to be expended inside, every desk is controlled in 4000 yuan, because this is odd,feast expenditure will exceed 200 thousand yuan.

Group of relatives and friends will become ” of “ justice labour

Because media shifts to an earlier date exposure the name of the hotel, cause this two days to be hit into the phone to enquire the media in an endless stream of this matter, do business to do not affect a public house normally, hotel high level already issued “ to seal countersign ” to relevant staff member. Yesterday, the reporter makes visit to in the hotel, before April 1, soup official office has business affairs activity and party everyday, field is decorated also want the most quickly when wedding just begins that day in the morning.

As we have learned, to reduce needless trouble, wang Zhiwen was not asked marriage celebrate a company to help its do bridal ceremony, field is decorated hand in entirely finish by the hotel, and relevant video material was to invite the good friend inside the circle to do calm, the dress of bridegroom bride makes up to also give the Chen Jian of the body by model red ask a person to help. But bridal emcee is returned at present not exposure, disclose according to insider, emcee should be a ” of “ name mouth.

Exposure of spot effect graph

Yesterday, reporter flounder

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