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Matutinal Le Jier marries in Maldives
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After dawn of king of day of sina recreation dispatch and bath of cummer Le Jier love a river more than 3 years, eve (on March 13) in all humorous manages repeatedly, two people hold wedding in Maldives; They are low-key to bridal terribly, invite several good friends to attend only, ceremonial warmth is romantic.

Dawn and Le Jier are to be in a Zhou Yi (on March 10) fly to those who go to Maldives to prepare wedding by the flight, to eve powwow. Disclose according to attending bridal good friend, two people once had been to Maldives last year, reckon they fall in love with local scenery and romantic atmosphere, reason chooses the place to hold wedding.

This good friend in be being encircled to new personality is early think inherent a pair, when matutinal one's early years establishs LeonStarEast.com webpage, the webpage that invites the Le Jier that assumes model at that time to be him films conduct propaganda piece, meet unexpectedly consequently, but two people are the ability after passing a few years again begins to pat procrastinate; Their disposition agree with each other, and like with red wine having water, reason amour development is rapid.

A when dawn holds the position of hero new piece will at next week first first show, he for this wedding, ceremony of absent first show; Nevertheless, dawn already had been done beforehand new piece conduct propaganda works.

As to new a form of address for one's wife Le Jier is being patted during procrastinating, already assumed half emeritus position in model bound, major while accompanies job love man and travel, be intoxicated in sweet love river.

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