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The marriage of Zheng Shaoqiu and Shen Dianxia
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Current, the Shen Dianxia in serious defect becomes the target of media angle, little Qiu Yecheng of Zheng of its former husband seeks a target to chase after, the marriage of a paragraph of legend that two people go is loved more by old job bring up again. In those days Zheng Shaoqiu is cast wife abandon female, by ” of merciless ” of outside clapperclaw “ , “ Bao Xing, actually, there are many unbeknown insides and detail therein.

A person, performing art circle to treat most all one's life, besides fat fertilizer long jump out to scold scold besides, arrive from 70 time today, let a person carry actually do not come out what defect, it is a different number really. The effort that Huang Zhanxie article says him and assiduous, lin Yanni writes an article to say what he takes care of to the person is considerate and attentive, when the Chu Liuxiang that he performs even ” of jealousy of Gu Long “ , also must say he is an interesting person. The actress actor that has cooperated with him is so much, say him without the person sentence bad, the person that says even the staff member he is true is quite nice. A few days ago TVB program visit a sacred land, namely so called art member big, elder sister of autumn official A stands in most among, wu Meiyan is by arrangement on the side of autumn official, congratulation when the reporter when her flourish rises one elder sister, she says the happiest is to stand by autumn official however, because he makes evening very take care of her. Take Deng Cuiwen for, before paragraph time is passed be hidden by TVB snow, after Qiu Guanzhi, look for her to help for a short while concert, carry her on the head. As far as Chen Yulian of small Long Nv, have paragraph of time body bad, just meet He Qiuguan makes fun of in hill arsis exterior, every time she is dizzy rewind field, it is autumn official holds her in the arms downhill, send to the hospital by the staff member again. Ice of outback Yellow Sea also says, it is Qiu Guanjiao he is decorous the manner that act in a play. Do especially once laugh, autumn official is patted " thill of hematic Jian a small room " accept broadcasting station visit, the high-level Ceng Lizhen of TVB is faceless still phone him, boast he is one, who is nevertheless rising tone lets Qiu Guanting come out. Was scolded by Shen Dianxia so long, how the person in a circle or so accept appreciation him, that can prove he is good really only.

Zheng Shaoqiu's career, be obvious to all, 76 years " enemy of book sword favour is recorded " , one person cent acts the role of trigonometry, established Zheng Shaoqiu to be in from this a gleam of of TVB is small strange place, also let him have his moment at full speed in Singapore, allegedly the heat of this teleplay sows degree at that time is the whole town turns out. Return centrally before Lian Jinyong two years stage and " southern on the weekend " on say, the performs the actor of his work to have young time only Liu Dehua that he himself approbates of Chen Yulian edition " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " and of Zheng Shaoqiu " Chou Lu of book sword favour. Later " lean on Tian Tulong
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