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Two paragraphs of Zhou Runfa are like the marriage of smoke
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On emotional logic, free and easy rises and fall like the play that Zhou Runfa's marriage also performs with him. With dynamic of ” of “ first marriage, but was maintained only 9 short the month ends with respect to declare. After that, zhou Runfa encountered the younger sister of lotus of the 2nd “ in life lotus of ”—— Chen Hui, the feeling of economize to avoid running short lets two people Zhou Runfa finds true a home to return to
. Sincere be said like him: “ just perhaps is everybody calmly most want. ”

After Chen Yulian puts forward actively to part company to Zhou Runfa, very a paragraph long day, the spirit that send a son is dispirited, have no appetite for food, whole person is poor. In those days, hire of wireless TV station the site that beautiful of broadcast path “ inspects ” , the kinescope canopy that we call “IP” films teleplay. Hair young still works ceaselessly to take drama part at that time, everyday, we are interviewed to kinescope canopy, interviewing him.

There is plant of a few kinescopes inside kinescope canopy, a corridor is linked together, bench is placed outside factory door. How many day, hair young records a paragraph of play, we a reporter goes up in stool of the wood outside the door and he chats. Spent a few months again, one day, he tells us suddenly: He should marry, the object is Yu Anan. At that time, everybody feels astounded.

Why to marry so quickly? Why be opposite seem Yu Anan?

Send the reason that the young did not show to he marries suddenly. Just, once we mention the American Chen Chaowu that Chen Yulian and she just knew, the mood that sends a son takes sick at heart immediately: She has “ pat pull an object, have like me ah ﹗ ” passed a few days, yu Anan takes care of him to kinescope factory. Between two people, lingering is gotten very. We knew “ early before, encounter again recently, hair young begins to go after me. ” An Antian said to us she appears in the reason beside hair young sweetly.

Begin to become when Yu Anan is more than 10 years old model, she and director Er winter rise be in love, by Yu Weijin Tong Yu daughter. How to install the wireless teleplay that acts the leading role in Zheng Shaoqiu and Wang Mingquan later " enemy of book sword favour is recorded " in act sweet sweet princess, this innocent beauty, take beauty of a bit West again but person have his moment in the circle at a draught.

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