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Gauze of Yao leaf marriage is illuminated
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Yao Xie pats marriage gauze to illuminate by " capture " when the day of big marriage already was not far (graph)

Yao Ming and foliaceous Li when the focus that big marriage is outside attention all the time, this pair of Jin Tongyu female low-key it is to let everybody's curiosity grow day and day more. Yesterday, yao, Xie Erren is reachcaptured by “ at long last ” wearing, they faced the setting that area of scene of An Taihu source films marriage gauze is illuminated to be patted secretly by a person with high aspirations and determination in Zhejiang. When this adumbrative also move is apart from Yao Xie one day to had been been not far.

According to too Pan Dongming of secretary-general of happy association of lake source farmhouse introduces, group arrived at Yao Ming and foliaceous Li to face the day before yesterday how. The following day they rose big early, arrived 6:50 too lake source, chose 5, 6 tourist attractions patted marriage gauze to illuminate. After about two hours, group of Yao, leaf left.

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