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Zhao Hong Boshen snow is registered in maternal birthday son marry
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On May 28 morning, ”15 of “ shake handshandle year ice Shen Xue of slippery athlete of two-men of sweethearts ——— famous figure skating ends love long-distance race eventually with Zhao Hong rich, register in registry office of marriage of bureau of civil administration of Beijing Haidian area marry, become husband and wife from now on.

29 days, father Shen Jie of Shen Xue divulged to our newspaper reporter in Harbin daughter and a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family register a few detail that marry.

According to explain father introduction, in world of Japanese figure skating from Zhao Hong rich bright and beautiful contest was duped this year in March after numerous Xiang Shenxue proposes, two old person is longing for them to get married earlier. But because prepare wedding to need time and energy, light snow busies again with grand rich attend the performance that is in the United States and do to Shenzhen skate the thing of the club, wedding can be gone to only pusher, preliminary be in surely next year 9, held October. April end after 2 people go back to the motherland from American performance, two family get marriage certificate ” first through discussing to decide “ , with explain father's word says even if: “ (husband and wife) the relation comes down surely, what we become father and mother is dependable also, as to wedding it is a form only just. ” subsequently, explain mom chose for them on May 28 (the traditional Chinese calendar April 12) this “ favour is geminate the day of ” . Of coincidence is, this day the birthday that just is grand rich old mother 74 years old. Undoubted, explain Zhao two afterwards in March Shen Xue / Zhao Hong rich carries off world bright and beautiful surpasses champion the 3rd times, after grand rich proposes to light snow at the same time, will greet again “ has double happiness ” .

Press a plan, shen Xue and Zhao Hong gain gets off the ground first after 51 long holidays go to Changsha to attend Lawrence to award prize the evening party, hurry to Shenzhen then, the international that the window with the world discusses collaboration to hold water to name with their name of 2 people skates the relevant matters concerned of the club. Shen Xue's parents is accompanying them all the time, “ basically is two children filial, want to let us take the opportunity brigade travels! ” explain some great say father.

Through a few days exchange views, the window of rich and world signed Shen Xue and Zhao Hong tentative contract, provisional club will at the practice at the beginning of July. Although the specific details of a lot of collaboration still needs to negotiate further, but because 2 people have a few other issues to want to do, return Beijing by Shenzhen at 22 days.
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