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Danish princess is cultured beautiful marry cameraman desertions royal honor
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Cultured beautiful bridal spot.

Cultured beautiful bridal spot. The princess before be Denmark of 42 years old is cultured beautiful · of 3 days of as male as cameraman of 28 years old friendly Martin makes an appointment with root dark to written guarantee in all manage repeatedly. Accompany bridal beginning, cultured beautiful princess identity also draws full stop.

Cultured beautiful with Sen Zaidan agreement a root Maifakese presses down 3 days east cathedral holds Aieze spousal. According to the report, about 120 celebrity attended wedding, include cultured beautiful the two children ———3 that with Yaoaximu prince bears year old Feilikesi and Nigula of 7 years old.

Yaogensen is 28 years old, it is the cameraman of for use of an emperor of Danish royal family, give previously cultured beautiful when the home pats the life to illuminate, get acquainted with with princess. After princess divorces, they bump very quickly gave “ scintilla ” , make an appointment to go vacationing to Asia and Italy for many times ever since. 2007 new year's day, yaogensen is in a very romantic circumstance Xiang Wenya beautiful propose formally, allegedly, both hands acts according to Yaogensen on huge south Africa plunges drop, to “ exalted princess ” proposes say: “ you are the forever princess in my heart! ” is cultured beautiful touch so that heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, agree on the spot.

Cultured beautiful be born in Chinese Hong Kong, married 1995 Danish sural intense is special the little brother Yaoaximu of crown prince is princely, become Queen Alexandra. Two people lived apart 2004, divorced second year. After the divorce cultured beautiful still preserve princess capacity. However, according to royal regulation, cultured beautiful once marry,give Yaogensen, she will have princess honor no longer, also will be royal member no longer.

After marriage cultured beautiful will be called sural Teliebao countess · overcomes Alexandra Lisidina. Although after this is royal member no longer, cultured beautiful will continue to be obtained from the royal family make an appointment with Ke Lang of 1.9 million Denmark every year (add up to 330 thousand dollar about) subsidiary

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