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Qu Meifeng and sweetness of Shenyang husband love (graph)
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Qu beautiful Feng Qinjian loves to bale ort explodes oneself with husband very

Qu beautiful Feng Qinjian loves to bale ort explodes oneself with husband very

The gazette is integrated message on January 9, 2007, qu Meifeng of 4 years returns long parted Taiwan Taipei, be in culmination is integrated of the stage " Kang Xi came " prate her sweet marriage. She plans to keep 1 week in the stage, will drive 20 many announce repeatedly. Every announce takes credit money of 40 thousand yuan of new stations, but because economic crisis just answers the announce on the stage to make money,she is denied is.

In those days sexual CD incident lets Qu Meifeng body and mind suffer achieve, far take a place far away form home, qu Meifeng is described in those days him heart is like withered wood, had had ego even break, become a monk or nun wait for thought, nevertheless all these is in after encountering present husband and changed, accordingly Qu Meifeng decides to answer a stage to face everything. Choose " Kang Xi came " as 1 announce, qu Meifeng says frankly, because she is very trustful Cai Kang Yong. But Qu Meifeng insists not to talk about the past, talk about domesticity and the sweetness that get along with the husband only.

On the life, qu Meifeng expresses and husband SIMON marries in London already 1 many years, the old home that also has returned Shenyang together with husband has visited family member, as to coffee hall the 2 talent after marriage is managed together, at ordinary times although the account of coffee hall is in charge of by the SIMON of accounting family background, but 2 person all property are owned jointly, when SIMON should spend money, want a mouth to wanted to go with Qu Meifeng only! To SIMON, can be to be full of acknowledgment in Qu Meifeng's heart, qu Meifeng expresses: “ the emissary that I feel my husband is old day group comes down, will save me! ”

After Qu Meifeng was interacting for some time with SIMON, SIMON proposes actively to Qu Meifeng, the problem kind that Qu Meifeng still wants him to face at that time gives SIM on paper

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